Review of Micah Poston / Burton Properties by MaxwellMen

Review of Micah Poston / Burton Properties – Aylesford / Woodland Park, 40508

Rating: 2 out of 5.

“Like others have said, Micah is a nice guy, but he is TERRIBLE at communicating and responding to messages. We had a very mixed experience with Burton Property, so I will lay out some pros and cons:

We never had any unannounced intrusions into our apartment.– Our apartment was a former drug den…and this was never disclosed to us.
Micah was very hands-off and we almost never saw him (potentially a con?)We found drug paraphernalia when we first moved in and started cleaning.
With a few exceptions, maintenance was responsive within a day, especially if the problem was more emergent.Also had sketchy people trying to get into the building.
Maintenance was very friendly and helpful, even allowing us to make our own improvements and provided advice and tips.– The apartment was very dirty when we moved in and it was claimed smokers never lived there. However, we found the air ducts were full of cigarette butts, and there was a strong smoke smell we spent months trying to get rid of.
Micah accommodated us moving in at the start of the pandemic on very short notice.Fridge leaked water and it was never fixed despite multiple maintenance requests.
Because we moved in amidst the pandemic (and they might have been desperate to rent our apartment) we received a discount on our already cheap rent.We tried to build an herb garden and it was mowed over twice. I actually got Micah to compensate us for the first time, but he ignored my messages and calls after the second time it happened.
We received 100% of our security deposit.Mice were extremely common; I think we caught and killed at least 30 over 3 months. This was never addressed.
*Sometimes renovators would start loud construction in the building’s lobby without any notice, including while I had to take exams/have virtual interviews.
*After notifying Micah that we were moving, he provided almost no instructions or guidance for moving out. I waited three months before finally emailing and asking for our deposit. To his credit, he responded quickly and sent a check the next day. I assume he was hoping we would not ask for our deposit and was planning to keep it in case we didn’t ask.

Overall, I would not rent from Burton Property again. While Micah made some generous accommodations for us during a frantic period of time during the pandemic, the lack of communication and professionalism were serious problems and threatened our safety and security. If I could have gone above his head to whoever actually owns Burton Property (we never met or contacted anyone with the name Burton or even had any idea how we could find this info), I would have reported Micah and how his behavior comes across to tenants. If you want a very, very hands-off, independent renting experience, then Micah and Burton Property might be right for you, but if you need any information, communication, or assistance whatsoever, then I say godspeed to you, and may your prayers fall upon ears more acute than Micah Poston’s.


1. What type of housing?Residential
2. How long have you rented here?1 year
3. Are you still renting here?No
4. What is your monthly rent?$700-800
5. My rental space was in good condition when I moved in.3 – neutral
6. I have not had issues with pests.1 – strongly disagree
7. Maintenance issues are dealt with in a timely manner.4 – agree
8. My landlord is pleasant and respectful.4 – agree
9. My landlord responds to messages within…48+ hours
10 Has your landlord ever entered your living space with less than 24 hours notice?No
11. Has your landlord ever entered your living space unannounced?No
12. Have you ever felt unsafe in your living space because of your landlord?No
13. My landlord explained important lease items to me.2 – disagree
14. Has your landlord ever broken any lease agreements?Yes
15. How much of your security deposit did your landlord return?100%
16. My landlord kept a portion of my security deposit, but they were justified.n/a

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