Review of Jim Arnold by OCH

Review of Jim Arnold – Idle Hour, 40502

Rating: 2 out of 5.

“He was understanding in many situations, but the gutter/siding above the door outside broke off and it was months before it was fixed. The building didn’t have fire alarms. He requires written notice WELL in advance before your lease ends if you want to move but doesn’t point that out when renting/signing the lease. He is known by realtors in the area for being really difficult to work with when you try to leave. When I moved out I tried to find another renter to take over my lease, with his permission. He told me to just have anyone interested call him. I marketed the apartment for him and sent any positive responses to him. After not hearing back from anyone I called and enquirer about my apartment, pretending to be an interested renter, and he told me it wasn’t available, and asked if I wanted to see one of the other apartments he had open.”


1. What type of housing?Residential
2. How long have you rented here?4 years
3. Are you still renting here?No
4. What is your monthly rent?$600-700
5. My rental space was in good condition when I moved in.3 – neutral
6. I have not had issues with pests.4 – agree
7. Maintenance issues are dealt with in a timely manner.1 – strongly disagree
8. My landlord is pleasant and respectful.1 – strongly disagree
9. My landlord responds to messages within…24-48 hours
10 Has your landlord ever entered your living space with less than 24 hours notice?No
11. Has your landlord ever entered your living space unannounced?No
12. Have you ever felt unsafe in your living space because of your landlord?Yes
13. My landlord explained important lease items to me.1 – strongly disagree
14. Has your landlord ever broken any lease agreements?No
15. How much of your security deposit did your landlord return?0%
16. My landlord kept a portion of my security deposit, but they were justified.4 – agree

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