Review of Birge & Held by Can’t Complain

Review of Birge & Held – Raintree Apartments, 40509

Rating: 3 out of 5.

“Lived here for 2 years, from 2015-2017. It was fine. The office always had rotating staff, so I don’t think I spoke to the same assistant twice, but I can’t recall a time when they upset me or stepped on our toes. On the flip side, they also were pretty hands off and never did anything that made them exceptional or made us feel valued or appreciated. Pretty average all around.”


1. What type of housing?Residential
2. How long have you rented here?2 years
3. What is your monthly rent?$700-800
4. My rental space was in good condition when I moved in.4 – agree
5. I have not had issues with pests.3 – neutral
6. Maintenance issues are dealt with in a timely manner.3 – neutral
7. My landlord is pleasant and respectful.4 – agree
8. My landlord responds to messages within…24-48 hours
9. Has your landlord ever entered your rental space with less than 24 hours’ notice?No
10. Has your landlord ever entered your rental space unannounced?No
11. Have you ever felt unsafe in your rental space because of your landlord?No
12. My landlord explained important lease items to me.4 – agree
13. Has your landlord ever broken any lease agreements?No
14. How much of your security deposit did your landlord return?less than 50%
15. My landlord kept a portion of my security deposit, but they were justified.4 – agree

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