March 2021Brandl Skirvin
April 2021Kingston Property Management
May 2021Lana McKinley
June 2021no nominees
July 2021no nominees
August 2021Carol Brooks*
March 2021 Dix Brown
April 2021Kampus Properties
May 2021Wassmer Properties
June 2021no nominees
July 2021Jey Marks (Urban Vigor)
August 2021The Veridian of Lexington*

Beginning March 1, 2021, The Lexington Tenant Review presents the Wall of Acclaim and Wall of Shame awards to highlight the best and worst landlords Lexington has to offer!

Nominations will be accepted during the first three weeks of each month. Community voting will open during the remaining week. Winners will be announced on the 1st of the month!

*Landlords to be considered for an LTR award must have at least one existing review. If the landlord you wish to nominate does not have an existing review, you can submit one here. Sole nominees become winners by default.