Community Resources

Kentucky Equal Justice Center:

“A non-profit poverty law advocacy and research center. We serve the state’s non-profit legal services community and low-income families.”

Lexington Fair Housing Council:

“A full-service, nonprofit civil rights agency committed to eradicating discrimination in housing. The Fair Housing Council enforces the federal Fair Housing Act, the Kentucky Fair Housing Act, and the local fair housing ordinances.”

Lexington Housing Justice Collective:

“A tenant-led organization fighting to end homelessness and undo the white supremacist foundations of housing in Lexington, Kentucky.”

Lexington Tenants Union:

“A tenant-led organization dedicated to securing safe, decent, and affordable housing as a human right for all renters in Lexington.”

The Kentucky Anti-Eviction Network:

“A multi-racial, multi-generational network of poor and working-class tenants from all places, uniting to keep our homes during this pandemic, by any means necessary.”

Lexington KY Mutual Aid:

“A space for community members to share needs and support in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Please keep in mind this is a space for short-term needs only. Not affiliated with any organization; just folks from the neighborhood.”

“Depending on who you are, this tool can help you: get connected to your local legal aid organization for help, get more information about eviction and (hopefully) helpful links, demand a jury trial, generate an Answer and Jury Demand, spot issues, and create letter and pleading templates, and email elected officials to demand they do more to protect renters during a global pandemic and economic crisis.”

Click here to apply for rental assistance from the Lexington Housing Stabilization Program.

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  1. I am in the same situation. My husband and I have rented this place for 5 years. The landlord isn’t renewing our lease because he can get double what we pay. Now I have no idea where we’re going to end up because the prices people are charging is just crazy. Rent control should be a thing.


  2. My Grandparents are in their 80s and being forced to move. They do owe some back rent but have done all repairs including cosmetic repairs. They have the money for the rent and the back rent however she wants to sell her home and no renew the lease after April 30th. They pay 725$ and are now looking at prices well over 1k a month that they cannot afford. What if anything can we do to help them ? They are having difficulty finding somewhere to go and they can’t pack an entire house up in one week and vacate. Thank you in advance for your time ..


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