Review of Clayton Nieman by Anymouse

Review of Clayton Nieman – Lexington, 40505

Rating: 1 out of 5.

“Place was filthy, damaged and pest-ridden when I moved in. Backyard overgrown, rent was nearly 50% higher than similar houses in better condition in the same neighborhood. Lock to the laundry room was on backward, had to remove the knob to gain entrance, mold and mildew everywhere, strong odor of cat urine dominated the house. Bathroom floor sagged, and everything in the house is the lowest quality available. Had to install cabinet handles, (some missing) and scrub the entire house prior to living there. Some mysterious error on the lease caused me to be forced to sign it again which added a month to my year lease. When I moved out, I was shorted nearly my entire security deposit without explanation. All I know was that I was charged $70 to patch two spots on the wall, (because I removed command strips and it pulled painted wallpaper from rotted wall) and $20 for missing cabinet handle (which was never there to begin with). Out of $1700 deposit, I only got $660 back. No comment or explanation. I also cleaned up backyard, and hauled away several loads of brush and trash.”


1. What type of housing?Residential
2. How long have you rented here?1 year
3. Are you still renting here?No
4. What is your monthly rent?$800-900
5. My rental space was in good condition when I moved in.1 – strongly disagree
6. I have not had issues with pests.1 – strongly disagree
7. Maintenance issues are dealt with in a timely manner.2 – disagree
8. My landlord is pleasant and respectful.1 – strongly disagree
9. My landlord responds to messages within…48+ hours
10 Has your landlord ever entered your living space with less than 24 hours notice?Yes
11. Has your landlord ever entered your living space unannounced?No
12. Have you ever felt unsafe in your living space because of your landlord?No
13. My landlord explained important lease items to me.1 – strongly disagree
14. Has your landlord ever broken any lease agreements?Yes
15. How much of your security deposit did your landlord return?less than 50%
16. My landlord kept a portion of my security deposit, but they were justified.1 – strongly disagree

1 thought on “Review of Clayton Nieman by Anymouse”

  1. I came to the area fleeing dv and nit quite at the end of the eviction memotorium. Was charged a 1000 security deposit on a place that had obnoxious issues all claiming to be fixed prior to move in. I had no money left for hotels and had to take a chance because I have kids. I feel cheated because the toilet hasn’t worked in over a month despite it being reported. I’ve found black mold after I had to unscrew kitchen cupboards under the sink to find a musty smell, we’ve been sick more than once and I’m sure that’s why. I get promised help but help never comes . My 1100 rent for a 2 bedroom is paid up plus utilities and I can’t even get basic courtesy. Calling the health department they’re not taking mold cases and told me to reach out to code enforcement. So far still waiting on that but sick again missing time at work despite attempts to treat the issue based on cdc and epa guidelines. Not sure where to turn to but everyone is saying he charges far too much especially where I’ve been a month without working plumbing in some spots. I’ve also been I formed by neighbors that a person. Passed away in the home and it wasn’t certain it had been cleaned properly. I did massive deep cleaning upon move in and painting to which I was promised sweat equity and that was also a lie . Ended up being even more shirt on money because of this and felt like an idiot for accepting the lie. Will update when code enforcement gets back to me and in search of new housing as survey this cannot be suitable housing . Review of a house on suburban court Lexington

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